NEW ORLEANS (WGNO) – The Louis Armstrong International Trip is seeing a surge of passengers.

Airport staff are in the midst of the busiest travel time of the year with Sunday predicted to see the most travelers, an estimated 24,000 passengers.

Erin Burns, director of communications, MSY

“The number of available seats is actually up 12% compared to the same period last year, so we are going to see more traffic than last year,” airport spokeswoman Erin Burns said. “However, we’re still down 3% compared to 2019.”

What is not down is the number of guns passengers try to get through TSA.

“So, at this airport last year, we stopped 119 firearms from going through the checkpoint and being in the possession of another firearm,” TSA spokeswoman Sari Koshetz said. “This year, so far, we have stopped 77 guns.”

Koshetz says if you are trying to travel with a gun, the proper protocol must be followed. which includes checking it.

Some travelers would suggest leaving it at home.

“Try not to put too much in your bag,” Alfred Stil, who was traveling to Australia, said. “A suitcase can be a problem.”

Airport staff also suggest arriving to the airport two hours before your gate closes, which is fifteen minutes prior to takeoff whether you’re traveling by yourself or with family.

Travelers also say patience is key.

” Don’t worry about it too much because it just makes it unenjoyable, like traveling with my parents, they stress me out,” Carly Nicholson, who was traveling to New Jersey said. “I prefer to travel alone because I just bring a book and I just read, whatever I have to do and just let it happen.”

Louis Armstrong is trying their best to make traveling more enjoyable with online parking reservations and guest passes, which allow those without a ticket to spend a little more time with friends or family at their gate.

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