Louisiana SPCA’s Humane Law & Rescue responding to emergency calls only


NEW ORLEANS – Due to severe weather the Louisiana SPCA will be closed to the public this coming Sunday and Monday, June 7 and 8. Louisiana SPCA’s New Orleans Humane Law & Rescue team will respond to emergency calls only, including pets left outside during the weather event.

Residents with non-emergent complaints are encouraged to report them online. This will keep Humane Law & Rescue lines open for emergency calls.

The SPCA says that with the threats of severe weather over the next several days, pet owners should take immediate action to keep their pets safe.

  • Pets should not be kept outdoors during severe weather.
  • If you cannot bring your pets indoors, their outdoor shelter should provide adequate protection from high winds and should be raised to protect against flooding.
  • Ensure your pet is wearing proper identification.
  •  To plan for the severe weather threats this weekend keep an extra supply of medicines your pet takes on a regular basis and their medical records in a waterproof container. All boarding facilities and veterinarian offices require proof of immunization before accepting animals.

“Pet owners are advised to watch their pets vigilantly to protect them from drinking flood water. Standing water can often contain chemicals from cars, pesticides which can be toxic when consumed and harmful bacteria. The Leptospirosis bacteria has been reported in New Orleans metro area and can cause kidney failure in dogs transmissible to humans.”

says Dr. Adrianna Smith, Louisiana SPCA veterinarian.

To report an animal in distress in Orleans Parish call 504.368.5191 ext 100. For more tips on hurricane season pet preparedness visit www.la-spca.org/evacuation.


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