CONVENT, La. (WGNO) – A non-profit organization in St. James Parish is hoping to raise awareness about nearby industrial pollution.

St. James Parish is home to many industries, including petrochemical and oil and gas.

Some living in the community of Convent are fed up with the industries’ impact on the environment.

“You cannot come out of your house in the daytime and stay out there, like I used to sit out in my yard for a while,” explained Myrtle Felton, the founder and co-director of Inclusive Louisiana. “You can’t do that anymore.”

Felton and Gail LeBoeuf founded Inclusive Louisiana to be a voice for those in St. James Parish and surrounding areas who are feeling the effects of the industry.

“Because that’s the most important thing, that people stay in their homes, stay where they grew up, stay where they want to live, and not be forced to leave because of migration or environmental circumstances,” said LeBoeuf, the founder and co-director of Inclusive Louisiana.

The women believe changes can be made to make their home a better place.

“With the industry moving in like it does, people have a tendency to want to move out, when all you have to do is get emission control in place, and we can all live here in harmony,” said LeBoeuf.

They say they can’t do it alone and have a message for their elected officials.

“A moratorium is needed by all of you that are seated. We are full; we have nowhere to go anymore. If you want the people to live here and stay here, you have to cease and desist,” said LeBoeuf.

If you would like more information about Inclusive Louisiana, click here.