Louisiana National Guard deploys troops to Washington D.C.


NEW ORLEANS – As we inch closer to the inauguration of President-elect Joe Biden, Capitol security includes Louisiana National Guard members who might stay in D.C. for a while.

The Louisiana National Guard was given orders for up to 31 days, but that could be extended depending on completion of their mission. The National Guard Guard has a long history of supporting the inauguration. This year, there is much more attention because of the number of troops providing an array of support following the attack on the Capitol.

174 soldiers and airmen from Louisiana are in D.C. for the inaugural ceremonies.

The Louisiana National Guard is providing security and communications support. On Sunday, they were sworn in as special police.

Throughout D.C. there are checkpoints and lots of blockades. There are more than 25,000 guardsmen called in from across the country. The U.S. Secret Service is the lead federal agency responsible for coordinating, planning and implementing security for the presidential inauguration. The National Guard will provide assistance as requested.

Major Noel Collins said, “Our guardsmen and service men and women, I think across the board enjoy serving our state and the nation. The volunteers who chose to support this mission and go up to D.C. are part of that patriotic group that want to serve the state and the nation at the best of their abilities.”


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