Lottery Fever Heats Up

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Some lucky ticket holders could become instant millionaires this weekend.

Both the Powerball and mega millions have huge jackpots.

“I want a quick pick.”

Lottery fever is gripping the nation…..

“how many?”

As both the mega-millions and Powerball have reached jaw-dropping, day dreaming numbers.

“what would you do? What would I do? I’d probably help my children out, my grandkids, and probably take a vacation.”

“then there’s my aunt, there’s my mother, then there’s my brother, and my sister.”


After no one matched the winning numbers for Wednesday’s Powerball drawing the prize rose to 270-million… That’s a cash value of 175-million.

“me and all my friends would be retired.”

“oh I’d retire tomorrow. I’d call them tomorrow and say I won’t be in tomorrow (laugh).”

The mega millions jackpot is now a whopping 154-million…. That’s a 115-million cash prize.

“I think it’s great, I think it’s good. I’d like to win (laugh).”

“cash 10.05 thank you.”

It’s why lottery hopefuls are lining up at riverside travel center.

“good, busy.”

“because I like to play (laugh).”

“selling a lot of tickets.”

“where are they coming from? Mississippi, Alabama; everywhere.”

They’ve traveled from near and far because this lottery retailer has a history of selling winning tickets.

There was a 10-thousand dollar ticket sold in February…. And days later there was a

14-hundred dollar winner.

But whoever got the 10-thousand dollar winning ticket in November — has only three days left to claim their prize.

“I hope somebody claims it before it’s too late.”

“straight box, quick pick?”

Some customers say they’ve played the same numbers for years.

“any luck so far? Not really.”

They say it’s the fantasy of the “what if” that keeps them coming back.

“maybe I’ll win it one day.”

“you know I’ve never won any kind of lottery, even those little tickets but some reason with me as bad as my luck has gotta be there’s gotta be that one time in my life that I’m actually going to hit the big one. I’m saving up for the big one. This could be it? This could be it.”

The mega millions drawing was tonight…. But there’s still time to get your Powerball tickets.

That drawing is tomorrow.

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