YOUTHanasia Foundation hosting prom & graduation for suspended Sophie B. Wright students

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NEW ORLEANS – YOUTHanasia Foundation, Inc. is asking for volunteers and donations to assist in paying for this weekends prom.

Staff, volunteers and supporters of YOUTHanasia will be hosting a senior prom this Saturday, May 4, for the suspended seniors of Sophie B. Wright High School.

Their has been much controversy over the last month regarding the punishment handed down by the school board.

The seniors who participated in the prank were suspended, lost the ability to participate in all senior activities, including prom and graduation.

YOUTHanasia Founder/Executive Director Kimberly Dilosa has been vocal about her concerns about the mental trauma that can potentially result from the students losing their chance to participate in once-in-a-lifetime high school senior activities.

“The decision to take graduation and prom from these kids is inhumane.  We live in a city where childhood mental trauma is rearing its ugly head daily.  As responsible adults, we collectively need to be working to decrease the mental health issues among our youth; not add to them. Do you understand what kind of mental scars could potentially result from a high school graduate not being able to walk across the stage in the presence of his/her family?  It was a senior prank.  The punishment does not fit the act.”

The community-organized prom for the suspended Sophie B. Wright seniors will take place in Downtown New Orleans on Saturday, May 4th from 8pm – 12 midnight.

The graduation will be held on May 14, 2019.

Anyone interested in donating or assisting to make the prom and graduation a success can email


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