Wind causes unstable crane at Hard Rock construction site to move


NEW ORLEANS – Chief Tim McConnell of the NOFD, says one of the unstable cranes moved an inch today, and that is something to be worried about.

“It does not sound like a lot, but it shouldn’t be moving at all. It may sway with wind and stuff, but it has not moved at all since Saturday, until today, and it definitely gives us reason for pause. That’s movement we don’t want to see,” said McConnell.

Officials are saying this is why the evacuation zone has been widened. The crane movement really shows the true possibility of another collapse.

“There is absolutely, a very good likelihood of a further collapse of this building, I have no doubt.” explained McConnell. “As you get rain, it’s gonna add water to this building. which is a tremendous amount of weight. It’s going to also add lubricant.”

And Director of Homeland Security and Emergency Preparedness, Collin Arnold, reminded the public that this is a very unique, and unknown situation…. “We’re kinda writing the book on this right now. We keep hearing words like impossible, unpredictable. Our teams are working together. Gathering the sample today, we had NOPD working closely with the task force, teaching them how to take a sample on the fly. This is new space that we’re working on.”

And NOPD Chief Shaun Ferguson thanked the public for following their pleads, and avoiding the area. The construction site is incredibly unstable, and no one should be in the area unless absolutely necessary.


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