HAMMOND, La. (WGNO) — He’s a magician who looks like a leprechaun. He’s a six-foot-four-275-pound-blue-eyed-red-bearded-former-high-school-football-player kind of leprechaun.

You may have seen him on the football field for John Curtis Christian School.

“You’re hard to miss, even in the middle of the Louisiana Renaissance Festival,” WGNO’s Bill Wood said to Connor O’Carraig.

“Indeed, that is where we are and that is by design, I made a point of being bright and visible so people can see me from a long way off because I don’t want them to miss nothing,” O’Carraig explained.

He’s a New Orleans-born magician on the loose at the Louisiana Renaissance Festival.

Before O’Carraig became a wizard with a bag of tricks, he was a musician, and before that, he was in college studying to become a mechanical engineer.

“I was going where I thought the money was, good money, but I realized I was much more passionate about being a performer, better to follow your own dreams, and look where we are now.”

Now, O’Carraig is chasing a different pot of gold, and he’ll make your troubles disappear at Louisiana Renaissance Fest until December 11.

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