Why are people buying so many candles?


Nothing like a crisis to shine light on the power of prayer

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METAIRIE, La – Nothing like a crisis to light up sales of candles.

At Louisiana’s The Church Supply House, a store serving in Metairie since 1930, the pandemic puts candles on the best seller list.

WGNO’S Bill Wood talks with Jeffrey Vega at The Church Supply House.

Bad times seem to be a good thing for candles because people use them when they pray.

And they’re praying a lot more these days.

Praying at home.

Praying at church.

And praying at a synagogue called Gates of Prayer Congregation.

That’s where Rabbi David Gerber gives his thought on the power of prayer.

When prayer is all you have.

Prayer, and a candle, may be all you need.


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