NEW ORLEANS (WGNO) – Like the rest of us, he’s searching for something.

That’s something, somewhere on a shelf at Walmart.

He is Mark Alleman.

WGNO Good Morning New Orleans features reporter Bill Wood says you may think Mark is a magician when what he’s looking for suddenly appears.

Like a rabbit out of a hat.

It’s the Houdini Lock Lube.

Mark Alleman says, “it’s a synthetic blend, it cleans really well and stays clean and lasts longer than most lubricants.”

It’s made to make the need for a locksmith disappear.

It unsticks sticky, rusty locks.

It comes from a Louisiana factory not far from New Orleans.

It’s in a warehouse stacked with stuff and it’s made by Mark Alleman.

Bill Wood says, “you were one of the thousands of American innovators auditioning for Walmart, and congratulations, you’re in, how did you do it?”

Mark Alleman says, “we’re 100% US-made, a small business that fits with Walmart’s initiatives.

For an inventor like Mark, making it here is like making it to Broadway.

He’s on stage.

In spotlight.

Unleashing his genius.

And unlocking life for the rest of us.

He is Houdini.

Now appearing at Walmart.