Who knew folding t-shirts was a high school class? First, they have to print them

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MANDEVILLE, La –  Okay, folding t-shirts is not really a class.

But it’s part of a class.

It’s part of the class where WGNO News with a Twist features guy Wild Bill Wood finds a class full of Wild Bill’s Amazing Kids brought to you by The Keating Law Firm.

It’s on the North Shore where kids at this high school graduate with more than just a diploma.

They’re leaving with something that gives them a paycheck.

It’s not a sweat shop.  It’s a shirt shop.

And it feels like, a think tank.

Wild Bill wonders asks Owen Best, one of the students working, “what exactly is on your mind right now?”

Owen Best says, ” when I lift up the screen, I’m thinking about is the design on there, is ink centered on shirt, everything like that.”

Wild Bill says, “I’m getting a headache just thinking about your thinking.”

Owen Best is a senior who’s one of the conductors of this symphony of designing.

And printing t-shirts.

It’s all right here at here at Fontainebleau High School in Mandeville.  It’s where teenagers become businessmen.

Over the last few years, these guys have cranked out more than 10,000 t-shirts for their school and for businesses around town who buy them.

Wild Bill says, “everywhere you go, somebody has to be wearing one of your t-shirts!”

Jake Leboeuf says, “and when I see that, Iget really excited, really feel I’ve done something for the community.”

Jake Leboeuf is another senior who knows his t-shirts.  And he knows how to deliver them, too.

Customer service is another subject they study.  These Louisiana kids wind up leaving high school with a skill they can really use.

And with a few t-shirts they can really wear.


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