NEW ORLEANS (WGNO) — Court hearings and controversy.

Monday, Orleans Parish Judge Robin Giarrusso issued a temporary restraining order on Louisiana’s abortion ban, saying it’s too vague. Abortion right’s advocates agree with the judge’s decision.

“They are kind of chaotic and complicated. They weren’t written well, and she agreed that they are unconstitutionally vague that they don’t have clear procedures on when they go into place,” said Democratic State Representative Mandie Landry.

However, anti-abortion advocates say they expected this to happen.

“Louisiana Right to Life is not surprised at all by what we believe is a frivolous lawsuit, but we do trust that our law will protect unborn babies especially now that roe’s overturned,” said Sarah Zagorski, Communications Director of Louisiana Right to Life.

But it isn’t black and white.

Loyola University law professor Isabel Medina explains the temporary restraining order will make Louisiana lawmakers provide clarity to the statutes.

“All Judge Giarrusso has done is said, essentially, is that there are grounds for the plaintiffs to make this argument that the statues do not give fair notice of what exact conduct is prohibited and what exact criminal sanctions you are running a foul of if you engage in any of the conduct,” said Professor Medina.

Medina adds Judge Giarrusso’s upcoming decision would not prevent Louisiana from banning abortion, but it would require lawmakers to revisit the current law.

“Should Judge Giarrusso grant a permanent injunction, they would have to go back to the statutory process and enact a new set of statues,” said Professor Medina.

Attorney General Jeff Landry and Louisiana Department of Health Secretary Courtney Phillips are defendants in the lawsuit.

Landry’s office says it plans to defend the state’s abortion ban.

The next court hearing will be on July 8.