NEW ORLEANS (WGNO) — It’s Victoria Arnaud’s greatest joy. But lately, her job as a mother has gotten a whole lot harder.

“It’s scary to think about you may not be able to find what you need for your child,” said Arnaud.

Baby formula has been wiped away from most shelves in her area.

“What happens when we can’t find it? Does your baby just starve?” asked Arnaud.

A normal one-stop errand has become a hunting game. After nine stores in two days, spanning two parishes, she finally found what her four-month-old needed.

“It is like during a hurricane when there’s no gas stations open,” said Arnaud.

The lack of formula analysts attribute to supply chain issues and product recalls.

“They should utilize their pediatrician as their primary resource to help locate formula and help provide safe alternatives,” said Dr. Anthony Hudson, a local pediatrician.

He advises strongly advises against making your own formula.

“The risk for infection for making formula at home or inducing nutritional deficiencies, like anemia, is a major problem with making your own formula at home,” said Dr. Hudson.

Diluting formula he says is not an option as well.

“Depending on the age of child the risk of seizures is certainly there,” said the doctor.

Arnaud calls the situation outrageous and hopes it’s resolved soon.

“You freak out, you drive around. once you finally find it, you stop sweating but how long though? For a month? Then the next month the search is on again,” said Arnaud.

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