What do kids really think about this year’s hottest toys?

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Every year about this time, parents are inundated with ads for toys and games for the kids.  The hope is that  you (or Santa) will put all these toys under your Christmas tree.

There's just one problem with that--what if you kids really don't like the toys you picked?

That's why News With a Twist send out a team of inquisitive kids to put Walmart's list of hot toys to the test.

Their opinions varied but soft and fluffy, any thing activated by a remote and an assortment of action figures  were high on their list.

Here are some of the hot toys for 2018:

  • BeyBlade Burst--think yo-yo meets skateboard ramps.  It retails for $24.99.
  • WWE Ring--where action-figures of  WWE Superstars can battle it out--$17.95 (Action dolls s old separately)
  • Disney Princess dolls--there's one for every Disney movie--priced at $ 10 each.
  • Chow Crown--A game that brings lots of giggles, as participants try to eat as many treats as they can, while forks spin a round their head! It retails for 14.88.
  • Shimmeez--sequined animal-like dolls that change color as you wipe your hands across them.  They sell for $10 each.
  • Pomsies--a cute little ball of fur that responds to commands and lets you know when they are tired, cold or hungry! $14.88
  • Boxy Girls--a doll who loves to shop.  Shoes, hats, accessories are wrapped in boxes that look like miniature UPS packages.  Extra boxes with accessories also available.  Boxy Girl retails for $14.99
  • Harry Potter Mystery Wand--the perfect gift for Harry Potter fans.  It makes fun, magic sounds when you press the button.  The wand sells for $13.88
  • Spiderman series Figure--$8.99
  • Terra Sect RC--a remote controlled car that not only races, but curls into a ball when it stops!  The price is $24.88


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