NEW ORLEANS (WGNO)— West End residents are fired up over a condominium that’s supposed to be built on the New Orleans lakefront.

On Thursday night, the developers explained their construction plans while attendees expressed their concerns.

While the condo developers are asking the Louisiana Department of Natural Resources for an extension on their permit, residents stated several reasons they don’t want it.

And the biggest concern they have — is flooding.

“You’re trying to put forth something that’s against the public interest,” one resident told WGNO’s Anna McAllister.

It was a fiery debate inside the lakefront airport Thursday evening, as dozens of concerned residents, showed up to address “Oceana USA” — the development group that’s planning to build “The Pearl” condominiums on the New Orleans lakefront.

The argument between residents & chief executive of Oceana, Richard Sackett, quickly escalated.

Residents say they fear their properties will flood.

Engineers claim the project would only raise water levels by 10 inches, but residents say it’s too much — especially for an area that’s prone to flooding.

“It’s like living on a golf course, we have to expect a golf ball here or there. But to add to what we already have from nature is tough,” said one concerned resident, Sonny Drouilhet.

Residents also said building this condo will further narrow the canal — which would make it nearly impossible for boats to pass eachother.

“I am very concerned about a third of the canal being filled in by the condominium,” added Patty Murphy, another concerned resident.  

Sackett insists the project will generate more money for the West End.

“The city needs that–we need the investment, we need the modern look. This is what we proposed,” said Sackett.

But dozens of residents say it will lower their property value–and are asking the LDNR to deny a permit extension.

“You have the power to do the right thing. Just say no.”

Resident will have until June 20th to send in any other concerns they have. Then the LDNR will make a decision on the fate of The Pearl condominium project.

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