‘We Remember Ride’ brings veterans cause to Metairie


‘We Remember Ride’ in Metairie on December 4, 2018

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METAIRIE, LA — They arrived on motorcycles and in a large moving truck, all of them bringing the ‘We Remember Ride’ to Metairie Tuesday morning.

The ‘We Remember Ride’ is a group effort to raise awareness of the American troops who have died since 9-11 and the struggles their families are facing.  Valor Healthcare is teaming up with the groups 22Kill,  and Valor 4 Veterans, the Gary Sinise Foundation for the event.

The riders are making their way from the Dallas area to Orlando, Florida.  Along the way, they’re making stops at veterans memorials and similar locations.  During each stop, they’re raising an American Flag for a brief ceremony.

The riders will carry the flag with them for the entire trip.  After it is raised at the final stop, it will be sent to the Sinise Foundation.

While the riders are all strong advocates for veterans causes, the truck that is accompanying them also honors our fallen troops.  Posted on the outside of the truck are the names of all of our troops who have died since 9-11.

The program provides a variety of benefits for the families of the veterans including a four-day event every December that brings together the families of our fallen troops.  It’s a great way for the families to share their stories and help one another cope with their losses, especially the children of the troops.

“They’re going through an enormous loss. And being able to meet other kids who are going through the same things they are is a really important part of the grieving process for them,” said Valor Healthcare’s Sean Jernigan at the Metairie stop.


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