Watch Mardi Gras parade roll inside Covington Walmart

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COVINGTON – When Melissa Wallace stopped by Walmart this week, she didn’t expect to run into a Mardi Gras parade inside the store.

The Krewe of 2665, named after the Covington Walmart’s store number, parades between the aisles every year for a very good reason.

The parade is put together by the store associates, who also design and build their own creative floats, for STARC of Louisiana, an organization dedicated to helping people with disabilities.

The in-store parade allows everyone to have a safe parade experience, and a good time was had by all this year.

A store associate dressed as a police officer rode a children’s toy ATV at the beginning of the parade, mimicking the police escorts of traditional parades, while other associates rode in floats built on pallet jacks.

The St. Paul Marching Wolves put on a great show as well, their steady drum beats and blasts of brass instruments echoing throughout the Covington Walmart as they marched amid the discounted items.

Wallace shot video of the amazing parade before completing her shopping for the day.

In the New Orleans area, we have parades everywhere, even inside Walmart.


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