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NEW ORLEANS – A bike owner is spreading the word after a thief easily slipped a street sign off a pole to steal his bike in the Marigny.

Ray “Moose” Jackson posted video of the brazen theft to the Stolen Bikes NOLA Facebook page.

Jackson’s Sun cruiser was latched securely to a pole topped with what appears to be a residential parking sign on North Rampart Street.

A man can be seen on the video walking up to the locked bike and waiting for the coast to clear before reaching up to unscrew a bolt fastening the sign to the top of the pole.

Undeterred by passing cars, the man loosens the sign’s fasteners by hand and  slips it free.

With nothing at the top of the pole, the thief easily lifts Jackson’s bike over the top, returns it to the ground, and rides away.

“I don’t expect to get the bike back, but y’all make sure you lock up properly,” Jackson wrote on the Facebook post. “This was a rigged sign.”