SLIDELL, La. (WGNO) – At Gladiators Academy in Slidell, one kid was born for the battle.

He’s 15-year-old Richie Clementi.

Richie made wrestling history as the first from his high school, Brother Martin to go undefeated and to win the Louisiana state title.

And he did it, WGNO Good Morning New Orleans features reporter Bill Wood wants you to know, all as a freshman.

Richie Clementi says, “it’s like an eye opener for me, every day I put in work, time, put in the hours.”

Bill Wood says, “soon you’ll get your own chapter in the history of wrestling.”

Richie says, “or two or three or four.”

Richie has the right role model, all right.

It’s his dad.

Rich Clementi.

Rich is a world-class professional wrestler who now runs his own wrestling school in Slidell.

And right here is where his son is the student who never seems to stop.

Except to post a picture on his Instagram.

That’s where he’s got more than a flock of followers.

Bill Wood asks, “what’s it like to be an Instagram star like the Rock?”

Richie Clementi says, “there have been people who came up to me and I followed you and keep up with your story and that’s kind of funny, too.”

Wrestling is the world’s oldest sport.

One of the original Olympic sports.

Now, one of its youngest stars is already one of the best.

Richie Clementi can tell you.

In the ring, it’s really all about confidence.

That’s the kind of confidence it takes to carry you into whatever life gives you to wrestle.