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In the midst of this horrific disaster, Berry says there is a light.

NEW ORLEANS (WGNO) — A mission born out of tragedy.

“I love my two kids, they’re up in heaven now,” said Allen Berry. He’s the father of 14-year-old Brandy Wilson and 8-year-old Ally Berry-Wilson, the two girls who fell into the Mississippi River about two weeks ago. The body of Brandy has been recovered, Ally is still missing.

At the same time, 15-year-old Kevin Poole also fell in the river. His body has since been recovered.

Near where they went into the water is a slab of concrete that was once blank.

It’s now covered in warning signs.

“I went on here out of my own pocket and put these do not enter, do not fish signs to make sure I can save someone else’s life,” said Berry.

Berry says he’s not just putting up the signs where the kids fell in, he’s putting them up everywhere.
“If y’all on the river and you see they don’t have a sign for these kids for fishing and everything please reach out to me,” said Berry.

The three kids are being remembered as heroes.
“My babies really going to bring unity to New Orleans they’re going to bring peace unity and love,” said Berry.

He says the river was once full of demons, but now has three angels.
“This is a river of holiness.”

He hopes the Mississippi River is given a whole new purpose.
“That’s what this river is for now —  this river is really just to pray now really talk to God.”