Volunteers of America refurbish local rehabilitation building


NEW ORLEANS – Martin Luther King Jr. spread the word of equality and love! He also spread the importance of giving back. A local nonprofit did just that this morning!

Sweeping, mopping and painting is what the Volunteers of America were doing at Tulane single room occupancy, also called Tulane S.R.O., a temporary home for 82 men recovering from alcohol or drug addiction.

Volunteers of America’s refurbishing was in honor of Martin Luther King Jr.

“A lot of people are taking the day off” Vice President of Resource Development and Marketing, John Sillars shared. “We here at Volunteers of America see it as a day on. It’s an opportunity to serve the community.”

John says three different organizations came to S.R.O. to help refurbish. Two local and one out-of-state. Aliecia Bouligny from The National Alumni Association of Spelman College says, there’s no place she’d rather be.

“At times we never know where we can be in the world and it’s always great to lend a helping hand to those who need it at the time cause you never know if that could be you.”

Members of a Kappa Alpha Psi Chapter and Zukerman Fellow also helped paint and clean both kitchens, the main stairwell and the common meeting area.

“This is like a really great opportunity for us to really engage with Dr. King and really try to understand more of his teachings through service” Zukerman Fellowship Program  member, Eric Sun told WGNO.

When asked what message the volunteers hoped the S.R.O. residents would receive from their service, their response–

“We hope that they understand that you know, people are out there looking out for them. They care for them” said Kappa Alpha Psi member,
J J Marshall.

“Keep going cause they’re all on an upward trend right now. Joy comes in the morning!”

The Volunteers of America are expected to refurbish the S.R.O. again in April!


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