Video: Local musicians want you to help rescue orphaned opossums

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NEW ORLEANS – A group of New Orleans musicians is using a classic R&B song to help get the word out about rescuing orphaned opossums.

Joshua Starkman got together with fellow musicians Marla Dixon and Julie Schexnayder to record a version of Fontella Bass’ 1965 hit “Rescue Me.”

But they weren’t alone.

Holly Williams and Lady Walker from Trampled Rose Rescue & Rehab joined in on the video, and they brought a grin of opposums along with them.

Walker, who also goes by the name “Mother of All Opossums,” wore her custom opossum outfit for the video, at one point getting close enough to Dixon’s face for the whiskers on the costume to cause a brief fit of giggles.

“Now, you don’t want a opossum as a pet,” Starkman says at the end of the video. “You want to help them out, because they’re wild animals. You want to bring them to a rescue center, and there’s nothing better than Trampled Rose Rescue & Rehab.”

The non-profit, which specializes in the rescue and treatment of injured and abandoned wildlife, has a GoFundMe account to help cover costs for 2019.

Trampled Rose helped 40 opossums, eight puppies, and two kittens in 2018, according to the GoFundMe page.

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