Van smashes through front window of Metairie car dealership

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METAIRIE – A van smashed through the front window of a car dealership on Airline Drive this morning after colliding with a truck. The van smashed through a window at Bryan Chevrolet after the collision. “I hear some thing and I’m like ‘Oh no, holy cow, holy cow, move! Move! That’s all I could think of, ” said Jayson Price with Bryan Chevrolet. ” [I was] writing a customer up at my desk and all I could hear was all these screeching noises and someone said ‘It’s coming, it’s coming!’ I looked up and the truck was in my office. 10 feet from me,” said Jeffrey Delange with Bryan Chevrolet.   Witnesses on the scene said the van hit a Chevrolet Tahoe parked in front of the building, preventing a potentially more serious impact with the building. “Someone just barely — barely– gets out of the way and it hits our cashier’s desk and she’s just been freaking out for the last two hours. If there wasn’t a vehicle in the way I think people would have been dead for sure. Definitely the vehicle that got hit waiting for service did save some lives,” said Price. One customer sitting in the waiting area had to dive out of the way when the van came crashing through the window, according to witness reports. The grandmother and granddaughter in the van were taken to the hospital, but workers at Bryan Chevrolet say they were up and walking around after the wreck. The drive of the truck, a white man, left the scene after the crash. We called police, but they did not get back to us. It’s unclear if he was charged with anything.


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