Underwater Shark Camera: Sharks Feeding Frenzy

Underwater Shark Camera: Sharks Feeding Frenzy

Kenny Lopez Reports 06/03/13

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Sharks are mysterious creatures that people love to fear.  Many times they are misunderstood.

Over time, Hollywood has made sharks out to be evil predators with movies like, Jaws.

Sharks like all other animals must eat to survive.  Shark experts at the Audubon Aquarium of the Americas said most shark attacks happen because humans are mistaken as seals.  Sharks don’t actually like human meat.  The nurse sharks, brown sharks, and sand tiger sharks at the Aquarium are fed salmon and mackerel fish.

Dee Murphy with the Aquarium said, “All of our fish have different ID’s.  We divide them up based on each individual shark.”

They stuff the fish food with necessary vitamins for the sharks.

“We tuck it inside the fish, like you would with your cat or dog,” she said.

The sharks eat three times a week.  They eat off feeding tongs.

Dr. Tres Clarke with the Aquarium said, “Sharks have an acute sense of smell.  They smell things from miles away.  What’s more important is their sense of hearing.”  Dr. Clarke is full of fun facts about sharks.

“Another big myth about sharks is they don’t get cancer.  That’s actually false,”  Dr. Clarke said.

One thing that is a fact is that sharks do love to eat, but don’t we all?

Through the end of the Summer, the Aquarium will be showing “Great White Shark” in it’s Entergy IMAX Theatre.  The film aims to change people’s attitudes about the much-feared shark.

Visit www.greatwhitesharkfilm.com for more information or http://www.auduboninstitute.org/visit/imax for show times.


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