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DESTREHAN (WGNO) – Two school teachers are under investigation for allegedly having sex with a student.

The case has been a topic of conversation at Destrehan High School.

WGNO News Reporter Darian Trotter has exclusive details and reaction from students and parents.

It has been the topic of conversation at Destrehan High School since early last week.

“Talking about how it happened and how people found out and what was going to happen to them,” said student Brandon Wild.

Now a spokesman with the St. Charles Parish Sheriff’s Office confirms that two teachers are under investigation for allegedly having inappropriate sexual contact with a student.

“It’s not good. It’s not policy. It’s against everything I believe in,” parent Tranae Payton said.

Brandon Wild is a high school junior. He says he takes a class from one of the accused teachers.

“She’s a cool teacher. Her class is pretty fun,” he said.

Sources close to the investigation tell WGNO News that two females teachers are accused of having a sexual encounter with a male student. The alleged activity is said to have happened off campus.

“I don’t understand they’re supposed to be teaching not, not doing those types of things with children. I mean, they’re students and they’re young adults but they’re not adults; they’re children,” Payton said.

“Some people believe it. I honestly don’t really believe it, but some people do,” Wild added.

Leaders the St. Charles Parish Public School Office were notified first.

Spokeswoman Stevie Crovetto issued a statement saying, “We are conducting a thorough investigation. We have turned the matter over to the sheriff’s office. It is premature at this time to give any information. A statement will be released at the appropriate time.”

Trotter asked student Trequan Gabril, “If it’s not true and it’s a vicious rumor, how do you think it could hurt the reputation of the teachers? Uhm, it’ll affect them bad because people will probably still be thinking they did it, even if it’s not true,” he replied.

St. Charles Parish Sheriff’s Office Spokesman Captain Patrick Yoes confirms an allegation has been made. He says “While the matter is being investigated it’s too early to say more. “There is much more work to do in the case.”

“If it’s not true then I feel bad for her. I hope nothing really happens to her. I hope she continues teaching,” Wild said.

Captain Yoes says no charges have been filed in the case.