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NEW ORLEANS (WGNO) — There’s room for only one young ballerina to dance the lead role in “The Nutcracker” ballet. It’s the role of Clara, the girl who gets a nutcracker doll as a Christmas gift and then dreams of meeting a life-sized nutcracker who’s really a prince.

But in this year’s performances by the New Orleans School of Ballet (NOSB), two ballerinas share the lead role; 10-year-old twin sisters, Anna and Emma Aldana.

NOSB Director, Nikki Hefko, put Anna in the role of “Claire-Marie” in one performance while Emma dances the same role in a separate performance.

But they do share one scene together.

“When we’re on stage together,” said Emma, “I’m going to be blown away.”

They’re not identical twins, but in matching leotards, with their dark hair neatly pulled back, it would be hard for audiences to know which one is Anna, and which is Emma.

“They’re wonderful students,” said NOSB Director Nikki Hefko. “They help each other and they help the other students.

“There’s not really any sibling rivalry… they want (each) other to shine.”