Tulane University giving students remote learning option for remainder of semester


NEW ORLEANS (WGNO)— Tulane University is now allowing students to finish off their semester remotely. This comes after a surge in COVID-19 campuses.

Tensions are high at Tulane University as COVID cases continue to steadily rise. Now students are given the option to once again do their school work remotely. Something many students don’t prefer.

“You get easily distracted when you are sitting in your room alone instead of being in a class with other people,” Joseph Gnzer, Freshman said.

“With remote learning, you are not significantly engaged at all and I learn better in person with eye contact and my peers,” Richard Whitney, Junior said.

Besides finishing off their semester remotely, another big tension in the air is whether or not students should even go home for the holidays. Bringing the risk to their families and bringing it back to campus next semester.

“The possibility of not being able to go home for break is a significant stressing factor that is having people take it seriously,” Whitney said.

For many students they just want to ride out the wave and start off the new semester in January fresh with in person learning.

These students say they thought they had put COVID behind them, but have no choice but to roll with it.

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