NEW ORLEANS (WGNO)— Coach Willie Fritz and Tulane’s Green Wave did it—winning their first American Athletic Conference.

Today on campus it was back to the books, but this football season has been one for the history books.

“Football spirit wasn’t here last year, but we flipped the record this year going 11-2,” Tulane Sophomore Ryan Ebright said.

“I’m from Louisiana, so I grew up with LSU being the big name, so now when I talk to my friends at LSU, I say we have a football team,” Tulane Junior Christina Braun said.

Now we all know Tulane is on the honor roll with its academics, but now this new winning wave shows they are on a roll wave!

“We are a football school now, so everyone’s super pumped,” Braun said.

Next up for Quarterback Michael Pratt and the team is the Cotton Bowl against the University of Southern California Trojans.

“USC is going to be hard to beat, but we have been playing well all year, proving everyone wrong all year,” Ebright said.

Tulane Sophomore Priyanka Pinninty said, “A lot of people are saying Tulane’s going to win. A lot of USC fans are saying not to underestimate the Green Wave, which I’m really excited about. It shows we are a real threat to a school that’s been historically good at football.”

Tulane Sophomore Saitej Mummadi said, “We have a chance to win. We are underdogs. Dogs always have the story. We’ll write our story this year.”

Tulane Sophomore Cyril Rees-Burton said, “Historic moment, let’s enjoy it. Let’s win it!”

The Cotton Bowl is January 2nd in Arlington, Texas. Tulane will be on winter break, so many students say they will be going to the game.

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