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NEW ORLEANS –   Move over mayonnaise.  Time’s up, mustard.

The connoisseurs at “Food and Wine” magazine are raving about the spicy “one-of-a-kind condiment” served at “Picnic, Provisions and Whiskey,” the new-ish restaurant on Magazine street from Chef Tory McPhail and Ti Martin of Commander’s Palace.

Chef McPhail calls it “pulp”– the bits of peppers left at the bottom of barrels of Crystal Hot Sauce before the liquid is poured into bottles.

Martin tells us that the Crystal Hot Sauce owners approached her and McPhail, suggesting that the pulp would make a good seasoning, and they agreed.

As Food and Wine puts it, the “crumbly, bright orange mash is a natural partner for McPhail’s fried chicken,” earning a spot on Food and Wine’s online list of the “Best Bites of 2019.”

What does it taste like?  Well, if you don’t like spicy ingredients what are you doing in Louisiana?  Just kidding!

The Twist team enjoyed a sample, in the video posted above.