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NEW ORLEANS — It’s something new to commemorate something 300 years old.

An LED statue is now up at City Park to celebrate the city’s tricentennial birthday, which is coming up in 2018.

This one is located beside Big Lake — just to the right of the entrance to NOMA.

The goal of the sculpture — this is one of several planned — is to increase social media engagement from visitors and locals — to share our awesome city.

“The design process was complicated, not only in how to build efficiently and effectively to withstand weather and environmental issues but all the visitors that would be coming into contact with it.  We fully expect people to jump all over it, lay inside of the zeros.  All details were thought out, down to the perfect size for photos and selfies of course,” said project leader Cammy Livingston.

The sculptures were handmade out of steel and finished with an acrylic face. They are lit with eco-friendly LED lights that flash an array of colors.

The other sculptures will be at Woldenberg Park’s Audubon Plaza and on top of the steps of Washington Artillery Park.