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NEW ORLEANS (WGNO) – Happy Earth Day to you all!   Earth Day is a time to think about nature, the environment, going green, and how to make New Orleans more eco-friendly.

News with a Twist’s Kenny Lopez gets in touch with nature at the “Tree of Life” in Audubon Park and at the Audubon Zoo.

Earth Day is the perfect day to go green and head towards the trees.  One tree in particular, seems to stand more majestic than the rest.   A tree known as the “Tree of Life”, located in Audubon park is a special live oak tree for many.

Floriana Tullio said, “I feel peaceful looking at this tree.  I feel joy and life.”

Stephanie Gray brought her daughter to the “Tree of Life” today.

“My daughter fell in love with the tree, so I promised her we’d come today to do homework and sit and eat lunch.  When we get here, my daughter said there was so much nature, birds, squirrels.  She loves it here,” Gray said.

Visitors come to the “Tree of Life” for many different reasons.  Some to picnic, others to rest in the shade, others to hug, and some to climb.

The “Tree of Life” is located right next to Audubon Zoo, where over the last few years they’ve made many strides to become more eco-friendly.

Dianne Weber is the Grounds Director at Audubon Zoo.  She’s proud of their compost program which recycles everything from food scraps to leaves to paper to zoo animal dung from the elephants, ostriches, and zebras.

“For every dumpster size of soil that we produce, we’ve eliminated three dumpsters from going to the landfill,”  she said.

They put everything together in a compost pile.  They dump it, water it, sift it, and then eventually have soil which they call, “Zoo Doo Gold”.

“It’s really fine, nutritious, and great for plants,”  Weber said.

Soil for plants and trees that will one day help them grow as big and magnificent as the “Tree of Life.”