Travel Girl takes a hike: Woodlands Conservancy is a piece of peace and quiet

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BELLE CHASSE, Louisiana – There’s a piece of peace and quiet just a 10-minute drive from downtown New Orleans where you’ll find historic structures and a zen-like setting, along with more than 10 miles of hiking trails.

This beautiful area in Belle Chasse is managed by Woodlands Conservancy, and if you love the outdoors, you should check it out, wearing your hiking boots. Equestrians are welcome on the trails too.

“Our mission is to preserve and restore forests and wetlands that protect the community during storm events and also provide habitat for wildlife and migratory birds,” says Executive Director Katie Brasted.

A little more than three miles (about an hour and a half at a leisurely but steady pace!) down the trail, you’ll find 10 time capsules that date back to World War II: Ten ammunition magazines are standing tall; relics from days when they were used to store the black powder ammunition that was used on the destroyers.

“These were patrolled on horseback and the ammunition was taken out in trucks because they didn’t want to use a rail line through here because of the volatility of the black powder ammunition,” explains Katie.

Another highlight of the trail is a giant cypress tree that was alive when Louisiana became a state.

The trail head starts near a canal and this is a great time of year to go with fewer mosquitoes and crisp temperatures that make it easier to complete the entire loop without getting overheated.

Take this advice from our Travel Girl, Stephanie Oswald and go for a hike!

And if you want to help save the wetlands, there ‘s a special event happening Thursday night, January 31st. It’s called the “Save our Sponge” concert at the New Orleans Jazz Market and tickets start at just $30. Get details here.


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