NEW ORLEANS (WGNO) — A picturesque area of New Orleans is dealing with a stinky problem.

“They’re accumulating a lot of trash,” said Oliver Thomas, he’s a council member of New Orleans City Council.

That problem is primarily in service area one, which includes Uptown and Central City.

Residents are paying to have their trash picked up twice a week, but are only scheduled to have it collected once a week. Due to labor constraints, sometimes they aren’t even getting that.

“Is it really once a week? Why is it sometimes nine or ten days? Sometimes 14?” said Thomas.

He says citizens are fed up.

“We deserve better and if they’re not going to pick up the trash, especially if it’s not timely, give us our money back,” he said, adding a solution is needed.

“The citizens want some relief, but first and foremost they want efficient and reliable and an effective disposal service,” said Thomas.

Department of Sanitation Director Matt Torri says their contractor has enough drivers, but not enough helpers that work on the back of garbage trucks.

“That’s impacting their ability to complete scheduled collections on time,” said Torri. He’s asking their current contractor to enter into sub-contracts to fill the open spots and get the garbage gone.

“The core mission of picking up solid waste on a regular collection schedule has to be an essential service to the city and it shouldn’t be something we struggle with,” said Torri.

Councilmember Thomas hopes a solution is found sooner than later.

“If you can’t be clean how can we expect folks to want to stay here, visit here and do business here?” Thomas said.

Want to know when your trash will be picked up? Click this link