NEW ORLEANS (WGNO) — Thousands of people have landed at Louis Armstrong International Airport, many of them here for the return of Essence Festival and Fourth of July weekend.

“I’m super excited to be in the city, I haven’t been to New Orleans in like 10 years,” said visitor Jlamar Nichols.

While the excitement is apparent for those arriving, many say getting here hasn’t been easy.

“It was rocky, they literally left half of our bags in Jacksonville. They don’t have a counter here, so now we can’t even contact someone, and when I called their customer service, the man told me it would be a two hour wait before I could talk to anyone,” said traveler Alaina Sugar.

With people all over the country traveling this weekend during inclement weather, some visitors faced issues with delays and packed planes.

“The Dallas flights were a bit delayed because of the rain and they said was too heavy so they had to ask people to actually get off the plane. I’m glad they didn’t call my name. Child, I was scared. I said please don’t call my name, please don’t call my name,” said Nichols.

Others who were waiting to pick up their bags say the airport has been packed!

“The airport has been definitely crowded, it’s been jumping since we got here,” said visitor Maurice Deloache.

But everyone we spoke to say they’re elated to be in the Big Easy and can’t wait to eat, shop and celebrate.

“I came with almost empty suitcases so I can buy as much as possible and I’m very excited to see Janet Jackson,” said visitor Angela Wells.