TOTC: ‘Mixing México’ Patron Tequila Dinner at The Steakhouse

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NEW ORLEANS – Tales of the Cocktail guests took their taste buds on a trip to Mexico with The Steakhouse and Patron Tequila.

Titled “Mixing Mexico,” the dinner was part of the TOTC Spirited Dining program.

The five course meal was prepared by Chef Chris Lusk and included tamale dumplings, blue crab tacos, sweet bread mole, carne asada, and a white chocolate dessert.

Each course was also paired with Patron Tequila Cocktails, created by bar manager Joe Pilie.

Dinner guests enjoyed the following Patron tequila cocktails:

  • Greet Cocktail Pimiento Espumoso Patrón Extra Añejo, sweet pepper syrup, cava and 24k gold dust
  • Elote Sour Patrón Reposado, grilled corn syrup, sweet pepper- spiked orange bitters, smoked paprika and cotija
  • Piña Paloma Patrón silver, tepache, grapefruit oleo saccharum & juice, grilled paprika pineapple
  • Pasado de Moda Patrón Añejo, miel de panela, orange bitters and peel, sidecar of dark Mexican lager
  • Mich-quil-ada Patrón Silver, roasted tomato garlic, shallot, carrot juice, Mexican lager, Joe’s Tajín, cilantro
  • A “Smoky” Surprise made with the Gran Patrón Smoky


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