NEW ORLEANS (WGNO)— A heads up for Causeway commuters—at midnight your old plastic toll tags will no longer work. A new toll system will be effect in the morning.

Commuters like Ethel Madden stopped by the Causeway’s toll tag office to get her new windshield toll sticker.

“It will actually speed up my commute when I go through,” Madden said.

The old decal stickers and toll tags will no longer get you across the Causeway Bridge says Carlton Dufrechou with the Greater New Orleans Expressway Commission.

“Unfortunately it will not work and you will have to pay cash at the toll plaza. They are going to be aint de no mores,” he said.

Dufrechou says about 80-thousand drivers have picked up their new toll stickers.

“Looks like we have about 3,000 people that still may have the old tags,” he said.

He says it is time to look towards the future.

“These new decals are inter-opearable so eventually we can use them here, Texas, Florida. The technology is there now, but it will depend on decisions of state and U.S. Government,” he said.

Driver Alton Maillho said, “I got my new tag and it took all of two or three minutes. It was real quick. It will be good to go back and forth with no issues now.”

The offices are closed for the day now, but will re-open tomorrow from 9:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. on both the North Shore and South Shore, so you can get your new tags.