Three generation family shares their moment at Storyland

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NEW ORLEANS – Storyland finally re-opened! The historical park has brought families around the New Orleans closer together.

There’s only one beautiful place in the city full of fairy tale houses, exotic creatures, and life-sized books. The magical place is called Storyland; a destination for dreams and imagination.

Sarah, Elaine, and Alexei are a part of a three generation family who visit the park every chance they get.

“Storyland means a lot to me” Elaine Grundmeyer, the grandmother to Alexei, told WGNO. “It’s just been such a pleasure over the generations. I remember bringing my parents here!”

Now, Elaine’s daughter and grandson are carrying on the tradition. With the recent upgrades, Sarah Abrusley says the memories will be that much better.

“It really is such a sign of re-birth and the next generation living on in the city. Enjoying the magic of childhood, the magic of story time, in Storyland.”

The New Orleans park has been around since the 1950’s. It’s improved and evolved over time. Now, Storyland is in the best shape yes for kids like Alexei to enjoy.

“I hope that Storyland gives him a sense of magic in his childhood” Sarah said. “And if you’re looking for charm, literacy, and physical movement, you have it all at Storyland.”

Tickets to visit the park are only five dollars! Storyland is open seven days a week.



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