NEW ORLEANS (WGNO) – He’s got the maps to remind himself. He’s put half a million miles on his cars.

On the road.

He’s driving to every LSU football game.

At home and away.

That’s since 1964.

WGNO Good Morning New Orleans features reporter Bill Wood figures that’s been almost 60 years.

Bill Wood asks, “same seat every game.”

The LSU fan says, “no, I moved up from one side to the five-yard-line.”

At home, Rudy Brunken is a relaxed and retired New Orleans banker.

He’s an 80-something single guy.

And he’s singly focused on his team.

Rudy Brunken says, “it’s my hobby.”

Rudy was not born a football baby.

He grew up and got hooked one time at halftime when he played clarinet with his high school band.

Bill Wood wonders, “do you remember who won?”

Rudy says, “LSU won; we always win.”

Life is not always smooth sailing for Rudy.

He still races yachts at the New Orleans Yacht Club.

He was once commodore here.

But the guy who goes overboard for his Tiger team actually flunked out of LSU.

He’s got a mountain of game-day programs to prove he’s a faithful fan.

And any time, it’s time for LSU football, Rudy is ready.

He’s got the ticket.