NEW ORLEANS (WGNO) — Sunday, hundreds of people watched as stunt drivers seized the streets of New Orleans.

“I mean, we’re a tourist city so it’s a bad message. No one is going to want to come here, it’s dangerous and no body wants it,” said local resident Nichole Brawner.

Dozens of people ran through the streets with guns, some even jumping on police cars.

Eric Hessler, attorney for the Police Association of New Orleans, says there wasn’t much the officers on scene could do.

“He’s abiding by his policy. You could see the demeanor of the crowd. They weren’t shy about attacking him or attacking his vehicle and I’m relatively certain they wouldn’t be shy about attacking him physically had he exited that vehicle,” said Hessler.

As for the people behind the wheel of the cars and in the streets causing chaos, attorney Cliff Cardone says they could face several charges.

“From speeding violations, to drag racing violations; arguably to reckless operation, to careless operation. If you can combine them and a judge can impose a sentence that is consecutive, then it becomes a much more larger penalty,” said Cardone.

It’s instances like this, Hessler says, that can diminish morale for the understaffed NOPD.

The NOPD is looking for these two people of interest. Police believe they jumped on and kicked an NOPD unit during the stunt show at St. Claude and St. Roch Avenues. (Photo courtesy: NOPD)
(Photo courtesy: NOPD)
(Photo courtesy: NOPD)
(Photo courtesy: NOPD)
(Photo courtesy: NOPD)

NOPD Supt. Ferguson says his office will ask the District Attorney’s office to charge the suspects of yesterday’s burn-out session with aggravated obstruction of highway and commerce, which could come with a 15-year sentence.