The Town of Jean Lafitte still recovering from Hurricane Ida, and preparing for more rain


LAFITTE (WGNO)— With rain waters from Tropical Storm Nicholas coming in, this could cause more troubles for the vulnerable low lying area of the Town of Jean Lafitte.

The Town of Jean Lafitte doesn’t need anymore rain!

“Right now are ditch drainage systems are compromised. We got to clean out these ditches as soon as possible to try and relieve some of this rainwater. We were clogged up with mud and sludge,” Mayor Timothy Kerner with the Town of Jean Lafitte said.

Lafitte is still vulnerable, although they have made progress. With 98 percent of the roads being clear, and 97 percent of the homes getting power back, they still aren’t fully back on track.

“The need is still here,” Mayor Kerner said.

Lafitte resident Darlene Rome said, “We need pumps to be running. We need to somehow get rid of all this mud.”

Residents say they are being taken care of with food, water, and other supplies, but bleach to clean their homes is hard to come by. So Michael Lagomarsino with Satsuma Realtors made a bleach delivery.

“Tough times like this with a hurricane you don’t feel like you are doing anything right, but I think this is the first thing I’ve done right in the last 14 days,” Lagomarsino said.

Kerry Calagan, a Lafitte Resident said, “There’s no sense in crying about it. It’ll come together slowly but surely.”

And sometimes the form of help comes simply through not forgetting about your neighbors in Lafitte.

“If no one else told you today that I love you, well I love you, and I care, we care,” he said.

There is still no estimated time as to when the gas will come back on in Lafitte.

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