NOPD releases bodycam footage from fatal shooting

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NEW ORLEANS – The New Orleans Police Department is following up with details from a police involved shootout on May 17.

Donald Davis Jr. and three officers were involved in a fatal shooting which killed Davis at the scene.

Police are releasing footage from the incident today at 1:30 p.m. at the Police Superintendent’s small conference room.

The NOPD  is releasing body cam footage from the shooting. They have not mentioned video being released for the public to view.

About two weeks ago, police responded to a report of Davis returning to an apartment office with a gun.

Some witnesses say Davis was upset about a minor maintenance issue and threatened staff.

Allegedly, he returned to the apartment office with a gun. Police confronted Davis at the scene, and that’s when the shootout happened.

Three police officers shot Davis.  The Police Superintendent, Shaun Ferguson, says all three officers had at least three years experience on duty.

The NOPD  believes their officers only fired their guns after they were shot at.

WGNO will follow with more information as it comes.


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