The king cake takes a turn. And a twist


New Orleans Chef Mike Nelson serves up Carnival Season 2021

NEW ORLEANS – Mardi Gras is taking some twists this season.

WGNO’s Bill Wood says so is one of the season’s sweetest sweet treats.

It’s the king cake, of course.

And it’s a classic, of course.

For Carnival Season and all seasons.

Now, at GW Fins in the French Quarter, Chef Mike Nelson is rewriting the recipe.

Chef Mike is also rewriting a rich chapter of New Orleans history.

For the first time at Mardi Gras, it’s the king cake pretzel.

That’s right.

With a praline cream filling, in fact.

Just savor that in your mind for a moment.

Anyway, Chef Mike seems to be creating quite a fan club with his creation.

He can’t keep up with the orders.

You can take a bite at GW Fins.

It’s on the menu.

You’ll also find the king cake pretzel at King Cake Hub.


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