The importance of getting a flu shot this year during the pandemic


METAIRIE (WGNO)— Health leaders are stressing the importance of getting the flu shot in addition to making sure you have the COVID-19 vaccine.

With fevers and sneezing—the flu season is now upon us and keeping many sick in bed.

“So last year we didn’t see high incidents of the flu because a lot of people were wearing masks and being super cautious,” Kendall Connick, Nurse Practioner at Sprout Pediatrics said.

Although health experts highly recommend getting the flu shot this year.

“All age groups are at risk of getting the flu especially now that we are taking off masks and co-mingling,” Connick said.

Flu shots are extremely important for those over 65-years old, those who are pregnant, and kids.

“Children six months and older to 8-years old if it is their first vaccine then they should get two doses of the vaccine within first season then one shot every year after that,” Connick said.

Recently there’s been a lot of questions and talk on as to if it is fine to get the flu vaccine and the COVID-19 booster shot at the same time.

“The CDC recommends getting flu vaccine and COVID-19 vaccine if you are eligible,” she said.

Protection is key, especially during a pandemic.

“Protect yourself, protect others. In turn by protecting others we are able to eradicate or lessen the effects of the flu and other diseases like COVID,” Connick said.

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