The Great Ketchup Crisis of 2021


Ketchup supply tries to catch up with demand

METAIRIE, La – At the grocery store, a crisis is rising.

Right up out of the ketchup corner.

The country’s most-loved, number one, comfort condiment is in short supply.

WGNO’s Bill Wood discovers a bottle of ketchup could be as rare as a bottle of fine wine.

At Zuppardo’s Family Market, grocery store guy Joe Zuppardo explains the problem.

It starts, as most stories these days, with the pandemic.

The pandemic created supply problems for ketchup.

And the pandemic created the need for more take-out and drive-thru customers at restaurants.

And that’s where those little packets of ketchup are given out.

So many given out, they gave out of them.

So much demand.

So little supply.

That’s why there’s a shortage of ketchup.

But there is “red” flowing like the Mississippi at the end of the ketchup tunnel.

The Great Ketchup Crisis of 2021 will come to an end.

Factories are gearing up for the big summer barbecue season, the season that traditionally uses lots of ketchup.

And that’s just in time for another culinary crisis.

Because of the pandemic.

Because we’ve been eating so many fried chicken sandwiches during the pandemic.

There’s now a shortage of chicken!

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