The ‘Great Day Crawfish Boil Orchestra’ is here to help make your day better

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NEW ORLEANS – If this video doesn’t put a smile on your face, nothing will.

Local musician Joshua Starkman got together with some of his friends and a few random passersby to create the “Have a Great Day Crawfish Boil Orchestra.”

The happy conglomeration sings a joyous rendition of the classic New Orleans R&B song “Who Shot the Lala” by Oliver Morgan in a newly released video.

The video is the latest entry in Starkman’s “Have a Great Day” series, which heavily features Starkman’s perpetually smiling visage as he accompanies one or more musicians performing an upbeat song.

For the “Crawfish Boil Orchestra,” Starkman brought together French tourists, tuba player Jon Gross, the band Handmade Moments, Sam Friend, James Williams, and quite a few others.

One little girl accompanies her father as he keeps time on a whiskey bottle with a drumstick, and another little boy takes front and center as he plays a trombone that is much longer than he is tall.

The fun can’t even be stopped by a man attempting to get a picture of the assembled musicians in the middle of the video.

It’s all part of the party, and it will definitely help you have a great day.

For more of Starkman’s Great Day videos, check out his Facebook page.


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