The Budget Committee addresses lowered ticketing threshold

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NEW ORLEANS – The budget/audit/committee meeting was held yesterday at City Hall in the Council Chamber. The main focus was to address the administration about lowering the ticketing threshold without telling the community.

The conference took place at 10 AM. Members of the administration and committee were both present. Among the crowd sat Chairperson, Jared C. Brossett and the Mayor, LaToya Cantrell.

Brossett says the City of New Orleans felt a lack of transparency when the administration decided to recently change the rules “the lack of not announcing the policy change led to the public outcry and that’s why we’re here today and we’re hoping to find solutions so we don’t have to come to this point again.”

Mayor Cantrell rebottled, noting that she has been more than transparent with the city, “relative to the studies that were conducted– it’s right there and you can look towards it yourself. But, there will be some decisions that are made that I will not disclose.”

The Mayor also noted that she’s kept her word since the Budget Committee adopted the budget on December 1st, “A part of that package was the removal of 21 cameras. We also reduced the school zone cameras from operating twenty-four hours to just four hours.”

Although the committee continued to question the Mayors decision, Cantrell did not budge. She says one in five cars violate the speed limits in school zones and “it is unacceptable.”

She also says it was not on her agenda to inform the pubic about lowering the threshold because she didn’t want to advocate for speeding in school zones “whether it’s one mile over, two miles over, or four to eight miles over.”

Before excusing herself from the meeting, the Mayor mentioned how effected families have been by speeding violations in school zones. She says if she could lower the threshold to 0 miles per hour, she would.

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