KILLONA, La. (WGNO)— This small tight-knit community of Killona, just barely recovering from Hurricane Ida—now must recover from a tornado with its whipping winds—that left all this destruction. Schoolhouse Road was one of the hardest-hit streets.

Donna Jenkins said, “It is sad. It is horrible. My heart breaks because I was crying last night because some people have not gotten over Ida.”

Jenkins was so scared for her mother Helen Johnson who lived a street from where the tornado hit.

“My heart was just beating. I tried to call her and no answer, but oh my God,” she said.

Fortunately, Helen Johnson is safe but she is still left shook up after hearing news that her friend lost her life.

Parish leaders confirmed that one woman did die in the tornado.

“Tragically, Allison Raymond lost her life and on behalf of the entire Parish we are sending our condolences,” Matthew Jewell, St. Charles Parish President said.

Donate directly to Raymond’s family for relief funding here.

Parish leaders say Entergy worked hard to restore power to as many residents as possible, but what’s left to still restore is Schoolhouse Road.

“Right now 30 plus structures are at the catastrophic level of damage,” Jewell said.

And no matter what St. Charles Parish will weather the storm and its aftermath together.

“We are Killona strong, Muntz strong, St. Parish strong, we are going to lift these residents, we will get them in the position to rebuild,” Jewell said.

If you’d like to help these families affected by the tornado, United Way of St. Charles Parish is taking money donations.