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NEW ORLEANS (WGNO) — Five New Orleans apartment complexes are in foreclosure, leaving tenants in homes that desperately need repairs.

The New Orleans Renters Rights Assembly gathered at Oakmont Apartments in Algiers on Sunday to offer tenants resources.

Tenants at Oakmont Apartments say their apartments are uninhabitable and that they rarely see any work being done to improve their living conditions.

“The issues are lack of repairs, mold, just recently, we’ve gotten to where we’ve gotten dumpsters for our trash,” said Arthur Dales, who lives at Oakmont Apartments. “It’s a real mess.”

The apartment complex, along with Cypress Park, Forest Park, Liberty Park, and Washington Place apartments, are currently in foreclosure.

The companies who own the properties filed for bankruptcy, which, according to tenants and advocates, has left the apartments and tenants in limbo.

“Tenants are saying enough is enough. They have demands,” said Y. Frank Southall, a member of New Orleans Renters Rights Assembly. “They want the city to help, so the city has agreed to help the tenants, and so we’re here just talking with them about that.”

The tenants are now receiving help from the New Orleans Renters Rights Assembly, Southeast Louisiana Legal Services, and the city’s Office of Community Development.

The city’s Emergency Rental Assistance Program has also announced that they will assist tenants with moving expenses and past-due rent.

“When I bumped into these young people, lawyers and whatever, I jumped in with both feet,” said Dales. “And I figured if they can fight for me, I can fight for myself.”

Advocates are hoping this event sparks change.

“I think we really need to address this, and we need to find whatever route we can, as a parish, to get better laws in the book to protect people,” said Southall. “We need healthy homes for all people.”

We reached out to Joshua Bruno who owns the companies.

Bruno said his mortgage loan company Fannie Mae has refused to release insurance funds for repairs.

He says he hopes the Chapter 11 filings will allow him to make the necessary repairs.

Additional information for tenants at the five properties:

If you want to take advantage of The City of New Orleans Emergency Rental Assistance Program, call 504-658-4232, or visit the Office of Community Development at 1340 Poydras Street, 10th floor.

If you have legal questions or need assistance, call Hannah Adams at Southeast Louisiana Legal Services at 504-529-1000 (extension 258).

You can also contact the New Orleans Renters Rights Assembly at 504-539-4504.