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NEW ORLEANS – The man responsible for killing 27-year-old Sharee Walls and 31-year-old David Hynes in a drunk driving accident, will serve the maximum sentence for his crime.

To avoid going to trial, Tashonty Toney pleaded guilty to plowing into a string of people leaving the Endymion parade earlier this year, and was sentenced to 90 years hard labor.

Toney was driving drunk when his black 2018 Camaro “tore a five-block path of destruction before crashing on a neutral ground” on March 2, 2019, according to the Orleans Parish Sheriff’s Office.

District Attorney Leon Cannizzaro had this to say about the sentencing:

“If there is to be any positive to come from these tragic events, please let it be a deeper realization, that driving while impaired is not worth the potential risk to yourself or to innocent others whom your decision might effect. This goes for any night of any month, not simply the holiday seasons that are fast approaching, or the Mardi Gras weeks ahead. Do not drive when under the influence or alcohol or drugs. Do not make others pay the price these families have been made to endure. And do not place your own life and liberty at risk when ride-share options and taxis are so readily available.”