Take a tour of Mandeville with Mayor Donald Villere


Let Mandeville Mayor Donald Villere give you a tour showcasing historic Mandeville and planned improvements that will soon become part of the town’s future.

Mandeville Mayor Donald Villere: “Hi, I’m Mayor Donald Villere, here in Mandeville, and I want to show you some wonderful things that are happening today and things that we have for the future. Why don’t you come along with me? Let’s take a ride.

We’re out here on Highway 190, and all you see is concrete. What we want to do here is we want to create a median in the center to make it a safer opportunity for people to make turns and also to beautify Mandeville.

We’re here at the Dew Drop. Most people know about the Dew Drop from the crowds that we get for each of our jazz performances. But what you may not know is that the Friends of Dew Drop, they will ask other musicians to visit schools to further jazz and educate our young folks on what jazz means to our community.

We are at Bayou Castine, just one of the prettiest places in Mandeville and where boats come in and dock every day. We’re going to extend our walkway as far as raise it up, bring it all the way over, and bring the walkway right up next to the pilings.

This is Rest Awhile on Lakeshore Drive in Mandeville, one of our historic places on the historic tour. You’ll see a lot of construction going on. That’s because Rest Awhile is going to be turned into a brand new restaurant and wine bar.

We’re right here at the end of Lakeshore Drive. We’re going to build a burm that’s going to be about 7 and a half feet high all the way from here down to Sunset Point. But it’s not only going to give us a walkway, it’s going to save this Tupelo Swamp area right here and all these trees that are deteriorating through erosion.

So thank you for visiting with me today, taking a ride around Mandeville, taking a look at some of the places we have and some of the things we’re looking forward to in the future.”


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